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The Dance Troupes

International Fusion Dance performer and certified Belly Dance instructor. Creative director of The Kind Killers and co-founder of HipSis and Fire and Ice dance companies.

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The Kind Killers are Hayati's student performance troupe. They are experienced driven dancers who are not afraid to take on a challenge and perform with a range of props and in a variety of different styles. Wing, veils, fans, parasols, candles, fire and of course swords - they've literally done it all! These fun and fierce dancers always deliver a fantastic show!


HipSis is comprised of Annakiya and Hayati. Both practice fusion and traditional belly dance styles and both are Bohemian Blade certified (levels 3 and 5 respectively). They like to deliver an engaging mix of different musical and dance elements in their performances and enjoy an interactive audience. They find inspiration in great works of art and contemporary references and combine a variety of styles and techniques for an innovative experience.

Fire and Ice Bellydance Company is a collaboration between Hayati and Soraiyah - two belly dancers that have each been involved in different dance styles since early childhood. They both are devoted to the art of belly dance, emphasizing Vintage Orientale style. They like to incorporate unconventional props in their sassy, sultry performance. Their passion for belly dancing stems not just from its technical and artistic qualities, but also its celebration of femininity, power, and strength.

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