Shimmy Mob

"Creating change one shimmy at a time" -

Raising domestic violence and emotional  abuse awareness

  • Team Lead Buffalo, NY 2019

  • Team Lead Buffalo, NY 2020

  • ​Теаm Lead Buffalo, NY 2021 


Absolute beginners are welcome, please sign up at

Shimmy Mob Performance and Swap Meet may not be possible in person due to social distancing restrictions due to COVID19 - however Hayati will once again donate the proceeds of her online classes and will raise awareness of domestic violence victims on May 8, 2021


To donate directly:


under “I would like my gift to support this program”, supporters can indicate “Haven House” in honor of "Shimmy Mob"


Global Hafla for Humanity

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

  • Team Lead Buffalo, NY 2020

  • Team Lead Buffalo, NY 2021


Hayati's independent Love Will Find A Way 2.0 event Took place on Hayati's YouTube in the spirit of Global Hafla for Humanity took place on her YouTube channel on February 13,2021. You can see the show from the Video tab.

Proceeds from the performance event benefit

All proceeds from the show will benefit WNY Women's Foundation. Their mission is to create a culture of possibility so each woman and girl can live, grow and lead to her fullest potential.
Women have faced even greater adversity during the COVID-19 pandemic with household work and childcare disproportionately affecting their lives and a large number potentially not being able to stay in or return to the workplace. Women also comprise a larger number of job holders in industries that have been hardest hit by the pandemic (services and retail) and may not recover or will be slower to do so. It is imperative for women to have access to resources (housing, childcare, food, educational, healthcare and job related) to pursue opportunities that would allow them to be independent, exhibit their skills and character and lead our battered communities to better days.

To donate: or Venmo @Bogdana-Sokolov-Hayatidance

or directly at



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