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Upcoming Workshops

Sword Dance Basics

Hayatidance is level 5 Bohemian blade and Bellyqueen teacher training certified. Hayati is especially fond of props - swords and double sword - you may have seen local TV coverage of her sword drills in the park and for the last 5 years she has performed a new double sword number at every annual Music is Art Festival, culminating in a 4 sword performance in 2023. She is the founder and creative director of The Kind Killers as well as co-founder of HipSis belly dance companies.
Hayati will bring you Sword Dance Basics and cover proper posture, technique, position frames and movement combinations. If you are curious or absolute novice don't worry, she will bring swords to borrow for the workshop. This event is suitable for all dancer levels as more experienced dancers will add on movement to the fundamentals. Wear comfortable clothing, bring water and prepare to have fun!
This event is free!


Belly Dance Basics

Hayati has conducted her Belly Dance Fundamentals 7 week course for a number of years with recent graduates garnering over 5K views of their performances of her original choreography on YouTube. She will give you a taste of the material she covers in this workshop. You will come away with some essential dance moves and deeper understanding of the cultural significance and development of belly dance. Grab a friend, a bottle of water, put on some comfortable clothing and join me in this shimmy session! You will have a blast!
This event is free!

P.S. All levels welcome as more experienced dancers will be layering additional moves. 


Fan(veil) FUNdamentals 

Hayatidance is level 5 Bohemian blade and Bellyqueen teacher training certified who is especially known for her prop work and group choreography. This workshop will give you a taste of both. Join Hayati on this fun adventure into the fantastic possibilities of fan(veil) props. Hayati will familiarize you with the prop components and technique for best presentation and execution of moves as well as the most suitable fan veil lengths for different styles and settings. You will proceed to learn a couple of fan veil combinations from her original choreography to Mermaid Tails.

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