Class Schedule

Hayati is a certified dance instructor at House of Hips who loves creating memorable performances. She has been involved in a number of dance forms and is interested in combining different dance styles to bring new meaning to familiar motifs. Her influences include ballet, Latin, jazz, exotic, flow and burlesque. She is level 5 Bohemian blade and Bellyqueen teacher training certified and is especially fond of props. She strives to bring variety to the Buffalo dance scene with her choreography. She is the founder and creative force behind The Kind Killers as well as co-founder of Fire and Ice and HipSis. Come to her classes at House of Hips at 1863 Clinton St, Buffalo, New york 14206.

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Wednesday 7:30PM - 9:00PM

June 3-  July 15

This LIVE Online 7 week session is open to all levels. $15/class or $85 if paid in full in advance (sorry, no refunds). Closes after 2nd session. Please check in discussion for prop details. You do not need a prop to take the class and learn the combos and be able to jam with us in improvisation sessions go forward, but you would need a prop to perform with us for July 25 as part of Hayati Bellydance's The Kind Killers fire fan choreography. Additional sessions on safety will be forthcoming and the performers interested in being in the video will meet up for in person rehearsals.



Sunday 11:30AM -12:30PM

June 7 - July 19


Absolute beginners, as well as anyone who wants to become more familiar with the cultural and historical significance of the dance and the different belly dance styles is welcome. We will cover pieces of the development of the dance, break down and repeat foundational moves to ensure understanding and memorization and drill them in order to build a common vocabulary which we can later use in choreography class. More advanced dancers will be challenged by adding layers.
$60 for the 7 week session if paid in full in advance (sorry, no refunds). Drop ins are $10/class and need prior arrangement with the instructor. If your income has been greatly impacted by the quarantine you can split the payment in 2 $30 payments due beginning of each month (I will still honor the discount). Thank you!